Marketing Services & Consultancy

Today it is assumed that brands, and the marketing mix at large, ought to be developed to encompass an identity and substance that can withstand international pressures and can travel abroad effectively. It is not surprising, therefore, that researchers argue against unified marketing approach, as it is for all purposes something of the past. Experts call for a flexible marketing approach geared at adaptation to different market conditions. Experts argue that such an approach must be built on international marketing standards yet applicable domestically in order to repel external pressures and results in development and growth. It could be argued that for domestic Turkey marketing to succeed, the marketer will have to understand the rules of the game in a greater Arab market and the influences, threats and opportunities such a market provides.
Using our extensive knowledge and experience of marketing, our team will provide you with high quality, cost-effective and impartial advice to ensure you get the right solution for your business. We have expertise in the following key areas:

  • Marketing Strategy development
  • Developing and implementing marketing plans
  • Branding and corporate identity development
  • Internet and online marketing
  • Direct marketing and email marketing
  • Advertising, Events and PR

Our team of highly experienced specialists is able to help you address a wide range of business issues, including:

Planning and Implementation

  • New market entry, research and business development strategy
  • Business diversification strategy development and assessment
  • Merger and acquisition selection, evaluation and due diligence studies
  • Joint venture and strategic alliance opportunities, selection and evaluation
  • Key performance indicators and executive scorecard development
  • Pricing analyses and profitability studies
  • Aligning customer needs, strategic direction and corporate culture

Product and Market Development

  • New product development, research, business modeling and implementation
  • Market Research, analysis and planning
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Product and service portfolio analysis and diversification strategy
  • Product/service sales and distribution strategies
  • Competitor and market benchmarking

Marketing, Communications, Brand and Sales Support

  • Marketing planning and implementation
  • Advertising, promotions, direct marketing, design and implementation
  • Corporate Affairs/Corporate Communications/Public Relations strategy development
  • Corporate sponsorship selection, evaluation and program implementation
  • Brand development, repositioning and image enhancement
  • Production of marketing and sales support collateral
  • Developing ‘new technology’-based service delivery channels
  • Sales force training, motivation and reward systems

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer segmentation/profitability analysis
  • Relationship-based pricing strategies
  • Customer service strategy development, training and delivery
  • Customer loyalty program research, design, development and implementation
  • Customer MIS and database development
  • Call Centre planning, design and implementation

Leadership Support

  • Executive leadership motivation and coaching programs.
  • Employee empowerment programs development and delivery
  • Human performance management development and training
  • Team development programs
  • Human resource planning (including succession planning)
  • Fostering long-term cultural transformation