Industrial Zones in TURKEY

Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) are designed to allow companies to operate within an investor-friendly environment with ready-to-use infrastructure and social facilities. The existing infrastructure provided in OIZs includes roads, water, natural gas, electricity, communications, waste treatment and other services.

There are 331 OIZs in 80 provinces, 234 of which are currently operational, while the remaining 97 OIZs are being constructed throughout Turkey.

Advantages of OIZs

In addition to the investment incentives scheme in Turkey (general investment incentives, regional investment incentives, large-scale investment incentives, strategic investment incentives, employment incentives, R&D support, etc.), investors operating in the OIZs may benefit from the following advantages:
  • No VAT for land acquisitions.
  • Exemption from real estate duty for five years starting from the date of completion of the plant construction.
  • Low water, natural gas, and telecommunication costs.
  • No tax is payable in cases of merging and/or separation of plots.
  • Exemption from municipality tax for the construction and usage of the plant.
  • Exemption from the municipality tax on solid waste if the OIZ does not avail of the municipality service.
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