Find an Office space in TURKEY

Getting an apt location for your business is one of the most essential aspects of business setup in Turkey. The type of business that you are in to and the business purpose are the two factors that you need to consider before opting for an office space. Here are the most relevant factors that you should consider.

Factors to consider while you select an Office space in Turkey


Office location must be determined by considering two important factors and they are the type of business activity and what you want from the business. Once you have attained a clear-cut idea about your actual business requirements, you may look for the option that’s most feasible. And the location-based options are listed below.

Serviced offices

Serviced offices are the ready-made office spaces that belong to a 3 rd party. The responsibility of maintenance and repair goes to the legal owner of the serviced office. Serviced offices feature all the basic office amenities like desk, broadband connection, phone etc and most of them are in ready-to-occupy condition. The major benefits of Serviced offices are they are cost-effective, feature-rich, and fully functional and give a professional ambience. Business centre, Flexi-desk and Virtual Office come under this category.

Office space in Free zone jurisdiction

An entrepreneur may opt for office space in one of the Free zone jurisdictions. Both buying and leasing options are available to set up an office in a free zone. The entrepreneurial activity and the number of staffs employed in the company are crucial when it comes to selecting a Free zone office. There are more than 40 Free zones operating in the TURKEY and each Free zone offers a category of business activity. Free zones offer different types of offices based on size and amenities. Therefore, the entrepreneur may opt for the most suitable one based on the office requirements and type of business.

Office space in TURKEY Mainland

There are multiple options for the entrepreneurs who would like to set up an office in TURKEY mainland. Renting a mainland office gives the tenant the authority to negotiate the period of occupancy. The tenant does not enjoy the negotiation power when it comes to Free zone and Serviced offices and is required to sign up the tenancy period prior to occupancy.


An investor needs to consider the practicality associated with the office space. The office space should perfectly suit the purpose of the business. The office space should be easily reachable for the customers and employees and it should feature all the necessary amenities.

Office size

If future expansion is in your mind, it’s better to avoid a small office space as the area might become insufficient in the long run. Moving to another location in a short period of time is not at all practical.


The office rental and the operational cost are not the only expenses connected with company formation in Turkey. you need to choose office space according to your desire Budget, and we will assist you to provide Office within your Budget.


The Investor should be fully aware and diligent of the legal matters associated with buying or renting an office space. Lack of legal knowledge may lead to unnecessary delays.